Great software enhances our daily lives. At Mosaic Software, we start with your vision and goals.
We add our technical skills and experience across many industries as we work with you to make your innovative ideas a reality.


Our team provides a wealth of professional software capabilities
to bring your innovative ideas to life.
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Our company’s success was built on development of custom modeling, simulation and analysis
algorithms for NASA and other government and commercial organizations.
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data handling

The team at Mosaic Software has been storing, archiving, organizing, querying, sorting, merging, parsing, mirroring and analyzing data for as long as we can remember.
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client software

Mosaic has vast experience with application design, client architecture and all kinds of client applications.
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mobile apps

We can help you leverage the mobile landscape and turn your innovative ideas into business solutions
that make an impact.
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client-server software

Our team has designed and implemented distributed, asynchronous, service-oriented solutions for
Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and entrepreneurial start-ups.
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full-stack development

Our full-stack developers are experts in all aspects of web development from the user interface to the database. We focus carefully on security, reliability and performance.
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Mosaic Software has successfully delivered over a hundred software applications to customers small and large. Your project could be next.
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Analytics Assessment

Analytics Center of Excellence Design and Development

Standing up a successful data science team is a complex and error-prone undertaking. Data science differs substantially from ordinary IT or business intelligence work. The most effective data science practitioners are trained applied scientists – scientists with the training and intuition to reach practical business outcomes using scientific methods. Analytics are no longer a hope and a wish; all businesses need to adapt to the advantages data-driven decision making brings, or they risk being left behind.
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Mosaic Situation Viewer

Mosaic Situation Viewer

Situation Viewer, 24/7 Airline Situational Awareness

In collaboration with our launch customers, Mosaic Software adapted a complex desktop
application developed over years of NASA R&D and experimental use with major air carriers to become a web-based application, allowing us to quickly and easily customize the tool for our clients. Mosaic Situation Viewer has proven to be an invaluable, cost-effective resource to clients including FedEx, Delta, and Hawaiian Airlines, where it is deployed at major hubs.
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Package delivery airport hub

Package delivery airport hub

Airport Surface Management for Package Delivery Logistics

Mosaic Software transformed the vision of researchers into reality by developing and refining the Airport Surface Management System through extensive work with SMEs, prototype evaluations, and live operational trials at airports. The product provides a real-time view of the airport surface and all flights traveling to or from an airport, as well as data-driven predictions of the airport's flight arrivals or departures. It is both agile and relevant today, operating 24/7 at two of the world’s most significant and complex logistics hubs.
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custom web app

Process Automation

Custom Web Application

Pioneer Building Services is a building cleaning company that distinguishes itself for its high quality and excellent customer service. Their regular on-site quality inspections are a critical touch point with their clients and the tenants in the buildings they maintain. Each inspection is a careful walk through of the site which results in a detailed report that is delivered to the client. This process was effective for increasing quality, but expensive because quality inspectors had to manually create PDF reports after each inspection. This meant fewer quality visits and higher cost per visit.
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Going Serverless

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This is the fourth and final post in a series on choosing a language for Big Data projects. This post presents a particular Big Data case in which Mosaic Software assisted NASA by building a tool to help identify inefficiencies in the national air space.