our mission

To create innovative solutions to complex problems.

our vision

At Mosaic Software, we take your spark of innovation and kindle it to become a transformational tool that makes an impact for you and your customers. We listen to your ideas, get at the heart of your vision and why it matters for your business, and brainstorm with you to define software requirements that make sense for your goals. Mosaic Software understands the power of collaboration and sees thoughtful planning and design as the foundation for successful software development. When you work with Mosaic Software, you won’t get the lowest bid or the quickest turn-time with results that miss the mark. You will get engaged, professional software engineers who focus on your objectives and work through technical challenges while leveraging their wide range of prior experience to deliver an end result you can trust.

our people

Our senior project leads and software architects have proven experience with data management, complex algorithms, user interfaces, transaction processing, interactive websites and mobile applications. These leaders have developed operational software for Fortune 500 companies, Government agencies and entrepreneurial start-ups. They will work with you to create a complete software plan implemented by our skilled, US-based software developers.

our motivation

Innovative software improves our quality of life by enhancing the capability and efficiency of every major industry. Great software is at the heart of information transfer. It allows manufacturers to produce products accurately and rapidly. It enables trade, commerce, advertising and sales to a global audience at the speed of light. It enhances all aspects of healthcare – from research of new medications and procedures to health tracking and coordination with medical professionals. Innovative software drives our financial services, empowers our professional activities and supports government operations. It monitors utilities, plans construction and improves efficiency of transportation. In short, innovative software enhances our daily lives. At Mosaic Software, we apply our technical skills and experience across of a variety of industries to bring your innovative ideas to life.